Our Bodies Are All Different

Fitness goals vary, bodies are never the same, and all work in different ways. This is why so many of us choose to get with a personal trainer; to assist us with the goals we have set for ourselves. But as seemingly different as they may be, some fitness goals are very familiar to us all. 

Focusing On-Time: 

Whether we’re trying to achieve a specific goal for weight loss or building a toned body, keeping the timing in mind is important. We may feel we have a lot of time to devote to working out and achieving our fitness goals, but that’s not always the case. Our fitness goals will depend greatly on our current situation. Suppose we want to lose a significant amount of weight. In that case, we will most likely have to change our eating habits for at least a few months to a year, depending on our activity levels and overall health.

Set reasonable Expectations: 

Many personal trainers will tell us to set realistic expectations for ourselves when it comes to what we can and cannot achieve. For instance, if we want to build muscle and lose weight fast, our expectations might be along the lines of ‘play sports’ or ‘do high impact aerobics.’ But if we know, we don’t have that kind of energy or no longer capable of running up and down the field. We might consider setting smaller goals such as ‘build muscle by doing X amount of push-ups every week or taking walks around the neighborhood. Either way, with a little patience, we can achieve all of our goals and more if we are honest with ourselves and recognize that everything takes time. 

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